Health, Beauty & Wellness

No brand is too big or too small. We work with start-ups and also some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

Yes - we'll help you sell more. Whether it's a branding, packaging design or marketing and communication challenge - We'll help you determine what your brand stands for and why more people should use, choose or buy from you.

We can help you with market entry, growth or recovery as well as new product introduction and innovation.  

Our understanding and experience within the skincare, healthcare, wellness, and pharma categories make Redfire an ideal partner you should consider. As you can see below - we've done everything from creating names, branding, packaging design and crafting brand stories through to delivering ongoing marketing and advertising through multi-media channels.

We work with clients in NZ, AUS, China, Hong Kong, and the UK.

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We don’t want to be good; We want to be better. Better impacts for our clients, team, community and planet.