About Redfire

We bring passion and commitment to every project we take on. We strive to provide real value to our clients and believe in collaboration and partnership. We always go the extra mile - and yep we've done some over the last 20 years.

We're a full-service brand marketing and creative design agency working with private and corporate businesses of all sizes. We work with brands from the launch stage through to maturity.

We help businesses looking to start, reimagine or respond to disruption and launch them into the market of loving arms of customers everywhere. 

Our expertise includes:
Research, Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Digital Marketing, Website Design, Creative Design, Advertising, and Media.

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Our story

We started over 20 years ago helping new brands go to market. Our first job was a global brand and product launch - so we were in the deep end immediately. We learnt quickly, adapted to doing things differently in global markets, and created strategies to launch global marketing off the smell of an oily rag. This success lead us on our path, and the rest is history.

We're a hardworking independent design agency offering a talented and diverse team across every design discipline.  We compete against the big boys, but we are definitely not corporate. This means we don't have targets to meet, and we can do what it takes to help your success.  It's a win-win. We've also been lucky to work with clients in NZ, Australia, The Pacific Islands, Hong Kong, US and China - sounds impressive huh! we think so. 

Who we design for?

We work with pretty much anyone - as long as it's ethical. You could be a Start-up, an Existing Business or an Iconic Brand leader. You could be looking to revitalise your brand, launch a new product or respond to disruption.   

We cherish our role in helping shape future brand leaders and bring a challenger brand mindset helping disrupt the norm.