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Actavis is the world's third largest generic drug manufacturer and is the owner of the DermaLab skincare brand.

They came to us with an open brief to look at their Arrowcare Derma brand which was not gaining traction in the market. Our market insights clearly defined an opportunity to tackle the competition head on - with our focus of balancing nature with science. The main competitors were all "chemical based" and the market was skeptical that a natural product could actually work.

We reviewed the market through a competitive audit and renamed the product DermaLab, where the name combined both function and science to support it’s proposition. This formed the backbone for our packaging design with a clean white medicinal look, but supported by our brand narrative casual on-pack communication and language. 

Our marketing and advertising was edgy which challenged the traditional communications. This rebrand and packaging re-design had huge impact, alongside significant distribution and uptake within pharmacies, and sell through to happy customers. The range has extended in more sizes and the brand continues to grow. 

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