“Bundy Juice” is an Australian juice company making massive in-roads in the Aussie beverage market. From their humble beginnings in Bundaberg - this Queensland company offers refreshing and thirst-quenching premium crafted juices.  

Their great refreshing taste helped them grow locally but when it came to larger-scale growth, Bundy needed more than just reputation and word of mouth. The chilled fridge war is a seriously competitive sector and with the big guns like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Frucor and Golden Circle fighting for every little piece of shelf space, Bundy needed to stand up and shout louder - albeit with a smaller budget.

We reviewed all their brand assets, and more critically focussed on the brand and product "look" at the point of purchase. Their packaging was old, tired and inconsistent, lacking appeal and quality. It also lacked craft, missing the premium cues it was pitching at.

We started with the “Bundy” brand giving it a more personable, honest and friendly look and feel. We designed the new logo to reflect the brand proposition. This was pushed forward onto pack design, which covered a mainstream and premium range. We crafted the logo making it prominent and unique, locked it up so it worked on pack design, point of sale and fridges.

Our team handcrafted typography developed a friendly tone and brand language, and styled photography to really promote taste in a refreshing way.

The results speak for themselves,  20% growth in the first 3 months, then 60% in the following four months.

Brand & Logo Redesign

Packaging Design


Marketing Material

Promotional Collateral

Digital Strategy


Website Design & Development

Social Media Campaign

Point of Sale

Trade Marketing


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