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Milk New Zealand


Milk New Zealand was a finalist in The New Zealand Exporter of the Year Awards 2017 - in the large scale category, and produces world-class premium 100% New Zealand milk and nutritional products targeting primarliy the Chinese and Asian markets.

Our brief was a comprenhensive packaging refresh with one condition - we use the existing Theland brand logo. Our strategic process uncovered key brand drivers for the Asian markets - New Zealand Provenance, and Grass Fed - Free Range Cows. We carefully crafted brand iconography and brand visuals to differentiate the packaging and created our "land of the long white cloud" visual - a strong trademarkable visual brand identifier for Theland. 

Our crafted typography reinforced the New Zealand provenance with koru like curls and clearly highlighted it was "farm" derived from free ranging cows - again reinforced by the photographic on pack visuals. And look at the cow hide for more "kiwi" references - spot the map? 

The design has been rolled out to Aged Care Nutitionals, Tetrapak UHT Milk and Fresh Milk. 

What we did:  Packaging Brand Hierarchy, Brand Iconography, Packaging Design

MILK NZ 1kg Pouch_50+.2MILK NZ 1kg Pouch_50+.2
MILK NZ 800g Can_50+_WholeMilkMILK NZ 800g Can_50+_WholeMilk
THELAND Pouches Skim MilkTHELAND Pouches Skim Milk
THELAND Pouches Whole MilkTHELAND Pouches Whole Milk
THELAND Pouch Icons 3THELAND Pouch Icons 3