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Sub&Tarctic is the world's most southern-based skincare brand. They use beautiful, natural, sustainable ingredients, harvested from the Alps to the Ocean, here in New Zealand's remarkable South Island.

Keeping Sub&Tarctic's distinctive name at the heart of their brand, we were tasked with refreshing their brand positioning, logo, and designing new skincare packaging

Sub&Tarctic's philosophy is simple. Located off the coast of Oamaru, a Sub-Antarctic region, their geographical positioning plays an important role in the planet. Here, sea-air interaction regulates atmospheric composition, an essential role for sustaining life on Earth.

We needed to show branding that reflected this thinking and highlight the importance of the region and ocean, signaling Sub&Tarctic’s disruptive approach. This sets it apart from other skincare companies on the market, defining our brand narrative & positioning.

Our design solution was crafted around the crisp, cool ocean of Sub-Antarctic, various shades of blue and green symbolizing a reassuring presence, evoking calm, instilling confidence, purity, and connection.

The new packaging design for Sub&Tarctic, celebrates cutting-edge technology, alongside their unique natural New Zealand ingredients. 


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