In a nutshell, digital media is about promoting a brand or service, through electronic connected media. This could be online on the web, through specialist website applications, or through mobile phone applications. Digital campaigns can also cross over into traditional media , either as traditional first – bringing an audience into a digital campaign, or traditional last -by using an existing digital audience as content generators.

Digital Media is the great relationship builder. Humans by their very nature are communicative and inquisitive, and digital channels allow brands to interact with their audience on both levels. The level of involvement required by the audience to engage with a brand, in many cases a simple click of the mouse, shrinks the gulf between interaction and offline brand perception.

The greatest benefit of digital media lies in its ability to forge individual relationships with the audience. Unlike any other broadcast medium, digital channels allow direct engagement with each member of the audience creating dialogue instead of the monologue one way blasts of traditional media.

Digital media offers brands new opportunities that traditional communication methods cannot easily match:
• Digital Media does not obey the line
• Digital Media should be cost efficient
• Digital Media can be broadcast and personalised
• Digital Media should always prove returns
• Digital Media can be reactive as well as proactive