It’s not about waving magic wands but being knowledgeable about choices and substrates available to be more sustainable when designing sustainable packaging. The packaging industry has been vilified over the years, not least on the subject of plastic bags. Yet brands have always been looking for ways to reduce materials and maximise packaging for both environmental and financial reasons.

We’ve helped companies and retailers improve the environmental impact of the packaging they use by:

  • Designing packaging that is made from sustainable materials. For instance using cardboard and papers from FSC forests instead of unknown sources.
  • Redesigning without material combinations so that packaging can be easily recycled. For instance making bottle lids from the same plastic as the body.
  • Changing the way packaging functions so that it improves the sustainability of the whole system it is part of. For instance, designing shelf ready packaging that means less materials are used in transit and at point of sale.
  • Using printers with vegetable inks and recycling processes in place to create more sustainable packaging brand stories.