It's a common branding challenge that many brands suffer from - What is our brand story? It's not just a catchy tagline or copy written on packaging, marketing material and websites. Your brand story is part of your brand foundation that is crafted to emotionally engage, convince and reinforce your uniqueness and brand positioning. How you talk, the language and tonality all play it's part. This played a big role in our work with The Alternative Meat Co. where we had a complex story with many benefits to tell.

We were launching a meat that was grown not bred! Yep can it get more complex than that? We developed the "Grown Not Bred" proposition and then used story telling to get the core brand messaging across.

Our story goes: "Hey - we all know times are changing. Thought you needed animals to get protein? Not any more. We get our protein from plant. Welcome to the age of Alternative Meats. Grown not Bred...."

So yes - you don't just pluck a brand story out of thin air. Story telling is probably the most emotionally engaging medium to get memorable messaging across and we believe it's a critical brand element. It takes careful consideration and gets uncovered through a strategic brand process that helps clearly articulate what you stand for.

Are these are common branding challenges you face;

You struggle to tell customers how and why your product or service is different

You cant really pinpoint how to tell your brand story in a succinct manner

You know what to say about our brand, but don't know how to say it

Your brand has little or no awareness in the market

Your brand positioning and messaging changes with managers and campaigns

You can't succinctly and consistently articulate your brand promise

Your brand is struggling to stand out for something meaningful and different in the market

If you answered yes to any of these questions above we should talk. And if your intrigued enough have a look at The Alternative Meat Co. for more story telling.