With packaging, designers have two key tools to grab the consumers’ attention, graphics and structure.

Packaging graphics must do more than simply look pretty. They must work to cut through the clutter and white noise that is the crowded retail shelves, and attract a potential buyer. Once they attract a buyer’s attention, packaging doesn’t stop working. We make sure the design conveys information about their contents, why they should potentially pay more for it, the ingredients they contain, how to use the product and why the product is unique.

Packaging is also the medium many businesses exploit to convey their brand and often, is the only brand “touch-point” that most consumers engage with. By this we mean they only really see and engage with your brand at point of sale- so packaging is vital.

Important elements for packaging graphics and packaging design include; colour, tonality, illustration, photography &  visuals, typography and information hierarchy. Get this right and you are half way there. The rest is up to how good the product performs for the price paid.