With consumers spending more time online, marketers are constantly looking for ways to engage with existing and potential customers. Building microsites have become a popular marketing device to do just that.
Make It Relevant
Run a promotion that is unique to your brand. Let potential customers know why they should visit and what’s in it for them. This will give people a reason to visit and once they’re there, you can sell your brand.
Use Both Online And Offline Advertising
Drive traffic to your microsite by using multiple channels of advertising. Don’t limit it to just a direct mail designed specifically for the microsite promotion. Not everyone responds well to direct mail. Advertise your microsite in newspapers, relevant magazines, email blasts and online banner ads in sync with direct mail campaigns to drive traffic to your microsite.
Have A Registration Page
Get potential customers to register on the microsite. Building a database is a very useful resource for marketers, as it can tell you a lot about site visitors, as well as allow you access to them via sending out email blasts or updates. Registering can also give the user a customized experience on your microsite.
Encourage Repeat Visits
User-generated content is an effective way to encourage repeat visits and keep users interacting with your brand. Allowing visitors to upload content for others to view and share, keeps them coming back to see how others have responded to their content as well as browsing through other people’s content. Each time a user comes back to your site, they will see your promotion over and over again.

As well as designing and developing a microsite, Redfire can help develop a complete digital strategy and integrate this into your marketing plan.