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Air Vanuatu


We’re excited to be launching Air Vanuatu’s new ad campaign - “There’s more to do in Vanuatu”. 

This deviation from just focussing on the tried-and-true formula of sun and sand, breaks away from the sameness and focuses more on the unique experiences people could enjoy in Vanuatu; not just in Port Vila but in the outer islands as well.

The creative elements in our advertising campaign are designed to engage people who want to experience more than just lay by a pool and drink cocktails.

Redfire Website Air Vanuatu BillboardRedfire Website Air Vanuatu Billboard
Redfire Website Air Vanuatu Magazine TableRedfire Website Air Vanuatu Magazine Table
Air vanuatu Magazine ad mock-upAir vanuatu Magazine ad mock-up
Redfire Website Air Vanuatu Pull Up BannerRedfire Website Air Vanuatu Pull Up Banner