A Satinjet® shower is something only your skin can truly understand. Twinjets of water collide, creating 300,000 droplets per second, providing greater warmth and coverage. It’s an immersive, full-body experience that transforms your regular shower into an everyday delight.

Designed by Methven a New Zealand listed company, Redfire was approached with multiple challenges. Firstly - increase sales of the premium Satinjet shower. Secondly- create a selling methodology that changed the way showers were traditionally sold in retail channels.  And thirdly - Sell the full Methven tapware system.

Traditional shopper and sales behaviour meant the first tapware sold in a bathroom were the taps - of which the design was influenced heavily by the shape of the vanity.  Then they purchased the shower mixer, generally complimenting the tapware and then the showerhead.

Methven's IP and competitive advantage was in the Satinjet shower heads- so we wanted this sold first. This would then flow onto the rest of tapware.

Our "try before you buy" campaign had a massive impact on Methven sales resulting in 8 out of 10 people buying Satinjet showers. The program was so successful it is now plays a significant marketing initiative for Methven.


Redfire hardware Methven satinjet standRedfire hardware Methven satinjet stand