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“Zeli” is an artisan range of delicious fermented probiotic Sauerkraut, made in New Zealand. From its humble beginnings as a recipe passed down through the generations of a family in Czechoslovakia, Vrati Smida at Zeli now offers a modern twist of this favourite food accompaniment.

The fresh flavours of this traditional dish were enough to get started, but when it came to their packaging, they needed more than just mind-blowing flavours – they needed a look to match. Their existing packaging lacked shelf presence and didn’t represent the fresh and modern flavours within each pack.

Our team developed new packaging utilising crafty fonts with a simpler, cleaner design to give it a level of personality and touch of individuality. We introduced bold and vibrant colours to the on-pack design to aid a striking shelf-presence, as well as reflect the flavours within each pouch of sauerkraut.

Zeli has become a staple food at La Cigale, Auckland’s best farmers market, and New Zealand’s premium retailer, Farro Fresh. 

1 ZELI Pouches 21 ZELI Pouches 2
2 ZELI Pouch 12 ZELI Pouch 1
3 ZELI Pouch 23 ZELI Pouch 2
4 ZELI Pouch4 ZELI Pouch
5 ZELI Pouch5 ZELI Pouch