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“Theland” provides world-class premium 100% New Zealand milk powder to the Chinese market.

The packaging development for Theland Farm Milk Powder utilized key New Zealand visual cues to reflect the clean, green environment of New Zealand- Cow imagery, green fields, mountains and an iconic use of the New Zealand map – in cloud form!

The challenge was in creating a design that highlighted a 100% New Zealand made product that would comfortably fit within the Chinese market. The predominant use of vibrant blue on pack helps provide striking shelf presence and highlights the freshness and purity of the product. 

What we did: Packaging Design.

THELAND Pouches Skim MilkTHELAND Pouches Skim Milk
THELAND Pouches Whole MilkTHELAND Pouches Whole Milk
THELAND Pouch Icons 3THELAND Pouch Icons 3