Market Place


Brooke Fine Foods owns Market Place, a major supplier to New Zealand’s supermarkets providing a wide range of nuts, dried fruits, grains and confectionery for bulk bins and grocery.

Brooke Fine Foods needed strategic direction with their offer. Traditionally this segment was unbranded and sales were stagnating. Redfire researched the market, uncovered opportunities and set the brand marketing direction going forward. Key to this category was innovation for both product and marketing channels.

Redfire created the name and brand - Market Place, then designed a visual story to add personality, brightness and colour to make the eye-catching point of sale pop! We wanted to appeal to the household shopper and convey freshness, quality and taste.

What we did: Brand Strategy, Naming, Brand & Logo Design, Marketing Campaigns, Packaging Design, Point Of Sale Displays, Advertising, Advertising Campaigns, TV Advertising, B2B Campaigns, Responsive Website Design & Development, Competition Creation, Social Media, Email Marketing, Photography, Print Management

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