360 Discovery


When we asked our client how the new brand name, identity and marketing collateral was working for them they said, “it’s like we have just been found”.

Kawau Kat Cruises had an established brand that had been around for 14 years however it was tired and they needed to reinvent themselves. Redfire's challenge was to determine what brand value existed, and if we should update their existing brand identity or totally change their name and create a new identity.

Our market research showed there was some brand recognition, however the brand was now not relevant to the offer and focused on the “boat fleet”. The brand confused the local consumer and did not effectively market the experience to the international tourist.

Our brand startegy was to focus the brand towards the "emotional" trigger points so we focused to market and brand the experience. The drive was to continue to build local consumers and more importantly target the international tourist with a focus on “Soft Adventures”.

Redfire developed a new name – 360 Discovery and brand design that was engaging and emotional. It was centred around the excitement of going on an adventure, to discover and experiencing something new.

What we did:  Brand Strategy, Naming, Brand Architecture, Brand Identity & Logo Design, Website Design, Marketing Collateral, Brochures, Advertising, Channel Marketing, Environmental Branding, Print Management