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Brand Strategy, Brand Narrative, Naming, Brand & Logo Design, Packaging Design, Visual Communications and Advertising Strategy.


Carnaby & Cross is a premium skincare company headquartered in the United Kingdom.

As a new start-up brand, Carnaby & Cross was developed for sophisticated independent women who celebrate free spirit, fashion and love for design, by one of the oldest manufacturers of skincare and toiletries in the UK.

We named Carnaby & Cross with inspiration from the West End’s - Carnaby Street and the St. George Cross from the Union Jack. This confident and expressive brand integrates an iconic C&C motif, elevating it to the same status of high fashion brands, connecting quickly to our millenial audience and their lifestyle. 

Characterised with a clean typeface and use of the Union Jack stripes running through our black and white imagery - we delivered a fresh and unique, very distinctive platform for all marketing and advertising mediums.  


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