what we did

Brand Strategy, Brand & Logo Design, Packaging Design, Illustration - (Anna Crichton), Visual Communications Strategy. Oh and yes had lots of fun tasting their great spirits!


Ariki Gin is an ultra premium full bodied gin made with amazing New Zealand and Pacific Island botanicals. These include New Zealand Manuka Flower, Rarotongan Vanilla and Tongan Coconut.

The name Ariki, meaning ‘”royalty, paramount chief, high chief, leader, aristocrat” drove the brand and design direction and served as the fulcrum for launching a Gin with a Pacific Island positioning in the global marketplace. 

Given the plethora of Gins on the market and being a boutique independent brand, we took a challenger brand approach against the behemoths and positioned Ariki in the niche ultra premium spirits sector.

Our challenger approach meant every brand touch point had to deliver some form of story telling - from the bottle, and tube packaging through to the shipper boxes. Our strategy determined the visual manifestation of the brand was illustrative so we collaborated with renowned international artist Anna Crichton to craft the perfect Ariki to be used as a hero on all touch points. 


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