November 23, 2015 - Comments Off on New Packaging to Increase Sales

New Packaging to Increase Sales

Bigger is not always better. With sales in the US declining (with the push towards a healthier lifestyle to fight obesity) Coca-Cola has shrunk the traditional 12-once can to a 7.5 ounce. It may seem like an insignificant change, but the new packaging is reinventing the brand. Coke is using the smaller can to say all is good in moderation. The new packages are recruiting consumers of all demographics particularly moms who want to give their kids a treat, but are conscious of their sugar intake. By using portion control the company aims to influence consumers to believe soda can be part of a healthy lifestyle. According to Sandy Douglas, the President of Coca-Cola North America, they have created sodas with less calories and new sweeteners, but “maybe the most important element in terms of our sparkling [carbonated beverage] portfolio has been the significant and strategic re-architecture of our packaging mix.”

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